Digital Multi Channel Amplifier Module

The I-PAM is an essential component of VARIZONE’s Digital Speaker System (DSS) bus.
It operates as a converter from DSS bus to a 2-channel analog powered loudspeaker.

The I-PAM is programmable and actively selects each audio channel from the pool of audio signals for play out via the connected speaker.I-PAM boxIt is a small distributed Class D 2-channel digital amplifier
module with integrated control functionality.

The I-PAM allows above-ceiling mounting in close
proximity to the loudspeaker (I-PAM box) or even
integration into the speaker enclosure (I-PAM bulk).


I-PAM system diagramThe I-PAM receives power and 8 different audio signals
in addition to bi-directional control data from the Digital Speaker System (DSS) bus. It selects and amplifies two
audio channels from the bus for play out via the connected speakers. In addition trigger and control interfaces on the
I-PAM allow building a complete distributed control network.