Product Overview


VARIZONE Matrix ControllerVARIZONE Matrix Controller

  • Audio & control routing
  • Audio networking
  • DSP-based audio processing
  • Modular plug-in card system for maximum flexibility and performance Two models/sizes
    • 19" frame, 3RU high for up to 10 interface cards
    • 19" frame, 4RU high for up to 21 interface cards
  • Stand alone or networked operation

Matrix Controller Accessories

  • Redundant power supply module
  • CMI controller with industrial-graded fan-less PC

Interface Cards

  • Audio Input Cards
    • 4 ch mic preamp with 24 bit A/D converters
    • 8 ch A/D card 24 bit
    • 8 ch AES/EBU input card
  • Audio Output Cards
    • 8 ch D/A card 24 bitDSS BUS card
    • 8 ch AES/EBU output card
  • Data Interface Cards
    • 2 ch serial data card for RS422
    • DSP card ( Mixing, Gain, Level meter, EQ, DYN
    • Delay ad on for DSP card
  • Audio Network Cards
    • 64 ch fiber optic card (diverse models)
    • 8 ch DSS card
      ( to connect the Digital Speaker System and 70/100V Line Manager solution)
    • 4/8 bi-directional ch OCTO-BUS card
      (to connect KLOTZ DIGITAL Paging Stations and break-out boxes)

General Purpose Interface Boxes

Control signal interface between the VARIZONE system and external equipment

  • GPI 16
    • 16 inputs and 16 outputs
    • Daisy-chain connected via CMI Bus interface of VARIZONE Matrix Controller
    • External PSU
  • GPI 32
    • 32 inputs and 32 outputs
    • Connected via Ethernet
    • Integrated PSU

OCTO-BUS Control and Interface ModulesVARIZONE OCTO-BUS paging panel

  • Paging Panel
    • 4/20/36/68 programmable push buttons and gooseneck microphone
    • Integrated microphone preamplifier








VARIZONE OCTO-BUS paging panel


OCTO-BUS Break-In and Break-Out Boxes

  • OCTO-BUS 4 ch input module
  • OCTO-BUS 4 ch output module








OCTO-BUS Power and Data Refresh

  • OCTO-BUS Data Repeater
    • Used to refresh OCTO-BUS audio signals and serves to extend the length of an OCTO-BUS
  • OCTO-BUS Power Bridge
    • Used to refresh OCTO-BUS audio signals and carry out an additional OCTO-BUS power feed-in. With the Power Bridge, the length of an OCTO-BUS is extended



Amplifier and Line Management

  • Conversion of digital DSS bus audio data into analog signals
  • Distribution of analog line level signals to 70/100 V amplifier
  • Monitoring of amplifier channels and loudspeaker lines (20 kHz pilot tone)
  • Switch to redundant amplifier channels in case of active amplifier channel failures
  • Immediate disconnection of loudspeaker lines affected by a ground leakage

VARIZONE 100V LineManager








DSS bus Amplification ModuleVARIZONE I-PAM

  • I-PAM (integrated programmable amplifier module)
    • 2 channel class-D amplifier with 2x6 Watt
    • Power supply via DSS bus
    • Selection of 2 individual audio channels from the DSS bus
    • Built-in remote volume control function
    • Interfaces:
      • 2 serial control interfaces for connection of remote controls
      • 2 trigger inputs and 2 trigger outputs centrally controlled
    • Individual speaker monitoring via 20kHz pilot tone
    • Individual adjustment and monitoring of all installed I-PAM's via the VARIZONE Controller


VAB-Line Ambient Noise Sensing ModuleAmbient Noise Sensing

Ambient noise sensing module incl. microphone

  • Automatic adjustment of zone gain as ambient noise levels rise and fall





VAB-Line Volume ControlVolume Control Module & Channel Select Extension

Connected to the I-PAM for remote control of the VARIZONE System

  • Volume Control module
    • Volume control for a predefined zone or group of zones
  • Channel Select Extension
    • Selection of up to 8 different channels provided
      by the DSS bus or zones via push buttons


Central Power Supply

  • Power Injector
    • Feeds power into additional DSS busses or OCTO-Busses for remote power supply


Power and Data Refresh

  • DSS Data Repeater
    • Used to refresh audio signals and extend the length of a DSS bus between Controller or Power Injector and Power Bridge or Line Manager for another 200 m
  • DSS Power Bridge
    • Used to refresh audio signals of a DSS bus and carry out an additional power feed-in. With the Power Bridge, the length of a DSS bus is extended


DSS long DistanceVAB-Line FIO Converter

  • DSS to fiber converter
    • Expands copper DSS bus lines by the incorporation of long-distance, fiber-optic cable subsections


Specifications are subject to change without notice.